E4: How to Build a Personal Project?

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E4: How to Build a Personal Project?

For a lot of developers, the last thing they want to do after being at work all day is written more code. Staring at a screen all day does take a toll on you. Once you’ve had a chance to go for a walk and eat something, you might consider starting a personal project. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated.

There might be a framework that you want to learn or a library you’ve been interested in or you are just starting your development career. It doesn’t even have to be related to your job. This is your time to learn something that you actually care about and work on something that sounds fun to you. Doing personal projects will make you a better developer.

In this episode, I and Matt Studdert, the founder of FrontendMentor.io discussed the importance of having personal projects as a developer and how to start one.

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