Tech Insights Unleashed: Featuring Jack Herrington

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Discover the fascinating world of software engineering with Jack Herrington in our latest podcast episode, “Tech Insights Unleashed.” Join us as we explore Jack’s journey across software engineering, unraveling how he became an expert in this diverse field. Gain valuable insights into his process of creating YouTube videos and his unwavering passion for sharing knowledge.

Delve into the ever-evolving tech landscape as Jack shares his strategies for staying updated with programming languages, frameworks, and emerging technologies like JavaScript, React, and Micro-Frontends. Learn from his experiences in team leadership and management, and discover effective strategies for fostering collaboration and leading technical teams.

Aspiring software engineers will benefit from Jack’s advice on interview preparation and standing out in a competitive job market. Finally, be inspired by his memorable projects and experiences, as he shares the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way. Don’t miss this captivating episode filled with tech insights and career-enhancing guidance from Jack Herrington.

Episode timelines
01:15Intro about Jack 04:03Starting work at 13yrs old? 6:10Advice: don’t ask questions early 13:00What drives your passion and how you decide on which technology to focus on? 16:00How do you stay up-to-day with things? 19:11Talking about micro-frontends 25:00Tips on getting to the engineering manager path? 27:00Advice: how to present your for technical improvements at your company? 34:20How does Jack likes to review pull requests 40:03What drives you Jack? 44:00How to deal with feedback? 56:00AI taking over dev jobs? 101:12How can one standout when looking for a job? 108:46Summary & Closing


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