Exploring the Power of Generative AI

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In this episode, Ariel Weinberger (Co-Founder & CEO at Pezzo.ai), Ankit Agarwal (Head of Business Development, Generative AI & Machine Learning, Private Equity @ Amazon ), and I explore the power of generative AI.

Picture a world where humans and AI collaborate seamlessly. Our hosts unravel this amazing potential, revealing the magic that happens when Generative AI and human ingenuity come together. The future has never looked brighter!

Don’t miss out on this thrilling episode! Join Daniel, Ankit, and Ariel as we unlock the excitement, unleash the potential, and invite you to the vibrant world of Generative AI. Buckle up and let’s dive in together!

Episode timelines
01:02All about Ankit 02:31All about Ariel 4:07Generative AI – what does it mean? 05:21What can Generative AI do for us today? 09:44Talking about prompting 20:11Let’s talk about dev & data privacy 26:59What is “AI Hallucination” and why is it important? 29:43Real life story: How Ariel built is own AI project from 0 to hero 34:20Ariel’s top tips for devs trying to build AI based projects 42:03People panicking over AI, can we be replaced? 46:31How can you as a dev stay up-to-date? 47:53The future of prompt engineering 53:35Talking about the future… what is next? 55:52Summary & Closing


Give Pezzo.ai a try -> https://pezzo.ai/

Looking for a job? generate a free personalized cover letter using AI -> https://www.resumator.ai/

Building a side project around AI and don’t know how to prompt? -> https://www.promptingguide.ai/

Building applications with LLMs through composability -> https://github.com/hwchase17/langchain

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