Becoming A Software Architect: All You Need To Know

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Have you wondered what a Software Architect does in your company? You might have also considered becoming one yourself but just didn’t know which path you should follow.

Well, in this Episode I and Ron Klein (Software Architect at Riskified) have discussed everything you need to know about becoming a Software Architect, from what you do to what steps you need to take to become one.

Episode timelines
00:47All about our guest 03:24What does Software Architect mean? 07:43How does your day-to-day looks like? 11:39It sounds like you your role is to make everyone happy in a way? 14:35How do you create trust? 19:08Do you have any “official” authority on teams? 23:57How do you handle people disagreeing with you? 32:43What does it take to become a Software Architect? 44:31How do you handle the pressure of “expected to know it all”? 50:19Summary & Closing


  1. “Simple Made Easy” – Rich Hickey (2011)
  2. Six Little Lines of Fail – Jimmy Bogard
  3. If programming is craftsmanship, then it’s important to understand the evolution of programming languages. this lecture is both informative and fun:

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