Going Qwik: All You Need To Know

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Join us as we dive into the current state of the web and explore the future with Qwik.

Our guest, Miško Hevery, creator of Qwik & Angular, will discuss Qwik, its critical features, and how it addresses the changes in the web development industry. We’ll also be exploring its integrations with other popular web development technologies and tools and its impact on performance and scalability.

Discover how Qwik supports and encourages best practices and provides resources for developers, its approach to developing scaleable applications, and Miško’s vision for the future of web development. Don’t miss this exciting episode!

Episode timelines
00:38All about our guest 03:18Where do you see the web right now? 9:40We mentioned few issues, but what about some solutions? 16:16Looking into Remix? 18:24Lets talk about Qwik! 27:56How does Qwik differs? 33:42What does it take to run Qwik? 36:35Qwik, Qwik Loader, Qwik City? 40:50React VS Qwik? 42:00How was Qwik born? 50:25How does Qwik makes it easy for devs to migrate? 55:45Is Qwik production ready? 57:20Summary & Closing


Give Qwik a try -> https://qwik.builder.io/

Drag and drop on your tech stack -> Builder.io

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