Going Bit: All You Need To Know

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Join us for an exciting episode as we explore the game-changing world of Bit with Gilad Shoham, the Dev & Open Source Leader at Bit.

Discover how Bit transforms development with its modular, component-driven approach. Gilad will show you how Bit components act as mini repositories, fostering code reusability and modularity.

Learn how Bit supports various component types, integrates with Git, and empowers teams to streamline their workflow.

Whether you’re a developer or team leader, this episode will inspire you to embrace Bit and revolutionize your development process. Don’t miss it!

Episode timelines
00:35All about Gilad 02:30What is Bit? 04:23Bit VS Git? 06:51What is the problem with Git? 11:10Sharing Components: diving dipper into the issue 22:45How do you maintain bunch of packages all at once? 26:25Bit is giving you auto-preview on each package (inc. testing)? 33:50How does it look like moving away to Bit? 43:06Module federation & Bit? 48:50Summary & Closing


Bit Cloud -> https://bit.cloud/

Bit Composable software -> https://bit.dev/

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