Software Supply Chain Security: All You Need To Know

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Researchers found a 633% year-over-year increase in software supply chain attacks in 2022 so far, and there has been an annual, overall increase of 742% since 2019.

In this Episode, Barak Brudo (Developer Relations Advocate at Scribe Security) and I have discussed some of the finer points of Software Supply Chain Security, from what it is to what you can do today to make your company’s code much more secure (hint, use an SBOM).

Episode timelines
00:54All about our guest 01:40What does Software Supply Chain even mean? 08:44Diving into the Security aspect of Software Supply Chain 13:24Where did the name SBOM came from? 16:14How does SBOM reports looks like actually? 18:51Talking more about what’s SBOM is… 22:32Is having an SBOM mean you are totally secured? 32:43What are the shortcomings of using an SBOM? 33:18Summary & Closing


The open-source SBOM:

An open-source tool that allows scanning an SBOM for CVEs:

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