Going XState: All You Need To Know

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Let’s dive into XState!

Have you tried using “XState” you struggled to understand it? Or maybe at your correct company, you are using XState but you are not sure of the concept of “State Machines”? Did you also know that you could visualize XState and as matter of fact use stately.ai and it will generate for you a store with zero code needed?

In this Episode, I and David Khourshid (Founder of Stately.ai • Creator of XState) will tell you everything you need to know about going “XState”.

Episode timelines
01:13All about our guest 03:00What is XState? 04:03What do we mean by “State Management’? 05:37What are “State Machines”? 09:02Are “State Machines” a new concept? 10:26Why using “State Machines” in XState? 12:38What other libs out there use the power of “State Machines”? 14:54How Promises in JS similar to “State Machines”… 17:21Other reasons of using State Machines for XState.. 19:04What is robust? 21:21What is David most proud of from XState? 22:28How can you visualize your state with XState? 24:52What would David do differently with XState if he could take back time? 27:08XState VS Redux? 29:19How does stately.ai gets into the picture with XState? 39:48Summary & Closing

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