Going Serverless: All You Need To Know

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Let’s get Serverless!!!

Have you heard about the concept “Serverless” before and you struggled to understand it? Or maybe at your correct company, you are using Serverless but you are not sure which tools are available in the ecosystem?!

In this Episode, I and Ariel Weinberger (Engineering Manager @ Serverless Inc. • Best-selling Udemy Instructor) will tell you everything you need to know about going “Serverless”.

Episode timelines
01:01All about our guest 02:40What is Serverless? 03:05Starting with the “Serverless paradigm” 05:40What to consider when you are not going Serverless? 07:21Some history about the Serverless paradigm… 08:36It’s called “Serverless”, does it mean that there are no servers at all?! 09:40Cloud VS Serverless? 10:40That’s where I feel stupid for not using Serverless before… 11:30Where does Serverless fit in the Cloud world? 15:00How to practically run workloads in this paradigm? 18:15Talking about FaaS – Function as a Service (Serverless service) 19:58Costs of triggering these Serverless Services 22:53Time to talk about the “Serverless Framework” 34:00Infrastructure as code… 35:32Does Serverless framework work with any database? 36:58Changing a Cloud Provider with Serverless framework? 39:48Deploying through the Serverless CLI? 44:00Tips for getting started with Serverless? 48:00Talking about downsides 54:30Who uses Serverless?! 56:03How to monitor your Serverless applications?

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