Personal Branding For Developers: Why and How?

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Let’s talk branding!

Many developers believe that they are immune to the need for marketing/branding themselves. As a developer, your job is to create ultimate applications, right? After all, you are not a celebrity or some rockstar! But isn’t it better to be in demand for fruitful consultations, speaking, and writing? Well, all this is possible if you are able to create a personal brand!

In this Episode, I and Avi Lewis (Software Engineer @ Meta | posts 1 idea a day) spoke about everything one needs to know about “Personal Branding” as a developer.

Episode timelines
00:36All about our guest 02:23What do we mean by “branding as a dev”? 06:26This trend is becoming more popular, why is that? 10:30Which social media platform is recommended to use? 15:17Avi talks about his initiative of “1 idea a day” 25:57Do you need to be special to start their own thing? 30:45How to handle people not agreeing with your opinion that you are sharing online? 34:03Tips for having a good lookin LinkedIn Profile 36:48Top 3 tips for growing your network online! 39:38Is it mandatory to be active online for you to have a successful career? 40:58Summary & Closing

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