Part 2/2 – The Ultimate Guide To Acing Your Culture Interview In 2022

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Are you able to express yourself easily when attending a culture-fit interview? Is passing that stage of the interview easy for you and you have no struggle doing it?

If your answer is no, then this is the right episode for you!

In this part, which is part 2 out of 2 (in the first part we had a different guest talking about the “technical interview”), I and Rodney covered everything you need to know before your culture fit interview in 2022.

Rodney Kemp has around 25 years of experience in the IT field, he is currently working as a Director at FrontMen (becoming iO) he has rich experience in interviewing candidates for different software engineering jobs.

Episode timelines
00:41All about our guest 03:08What do we mean by “culture fit interview”? 03:58What can you do before the interview? 04:26Covering some of the misconceptions 05:28Tip #1 Just be yourself 05:44Tip #2: Understand the company’s culture 06:01Tip #3: Setup standards for yourself 06:23Tip #4: Check if the company is right for you 06:51Tip #5: Ask relevant questions! 08:00How to cope with different cultures? 10:35Talking a bit about the Dutch culture: Speaking up 11:41What are things a candidate should mention in the interview? 14:50Tips on how to improve your confidence 16:00Tip #6: Think about your ideal working environment 33:25Getting personal: What impresses you the most in a candidate? 20:15Tip #7: Standout of the crowd 23:09What should the candidate keep in mind while answering questions? 25:47Culture interview > Tech interview? 31:20Tip #8: Communicate your feelings 32:11Tip #9: Tips for writing good CVs! 42:20Summary & Closing

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