How To Become A Senior Developer?

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This episode is for all the developers, coders, programmers out there who are looking to make a jump in their career after having had a few years in the industry (or you may be just starting out but would like to see the sort of path you have to go on). This episode is for those with a simple desire: You want to be considered a Senior Developer and you want to excel in your field. By the end of listening to this, you will have a set path with a list of the actions for you to level up and become a senior developer.

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Disclaimer: As with all things in life, you can always set your own path. Although this is not meant to be the only way, the method/things that we have discussed during this episode are from coming from our experience and through many conversations and interviews, we have had in the past year with people we consider senior and respected programmers in the community. We have accumulated all of the commonalities in this episode. Underneath all of this is not just an episode on how to become a better developer. It is a how to guide on optimizing your time with efficient and useful tools so that you get the most out of your life. You can take this sort of learning anywhere in the future.

Episode timelines
00:27Exploring the topic 01:02A few words from our guest 02:27What is a Senior Developer? 04:52Is there an “industry standard” for what is a Senior Developer? 07:23Should one call themselves a Senior Developer if they’re getting paid like one? 09:07What does it take to become a Senior Developer? 17:00How to know which skills I need to improve in order to become a Senior Developer? 18:40Our guest is defining what is a Senior Developer for him. 24:58Is it possible that everyone around you are Senior Developers and then you stop learning from others? 27:12Soft skills?! 31:39How does a Senior Developer gives feedback to others? 37:05How can you evaluate yourself as a Senior Developer? 44:27How long does it take to become a Senior Developer? 48:37What about “mid-developer”? 50:37What are the cons of being a Senior Developer? 51:26Summary & Closing 52:30The funniest quote I have ever heard…

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