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During my 5-6 years of experience in the field many times, I have heard the term “open source” but never completely understood it. I heard from many people around me that I should contribute and if you are not doing it you are not going to get better. In this Episode, I and Benjamin Gruenbaum (Senior developer at Microsoft & Node.js/Bluebird/MobX/etc Core Collaborator & Teacher) will talk about open source. Stay tuned as we got some interesting things to share with you!

Episode timelines
00:52All about our guest 04:37What is open source? 11:45What is open source being used for? 13:09Is Wikipedia open source? 18:37What problem does open source solves? 25:37Why should a developer contribute to open source? 35:22How can a developer start contributing to open source? 39:29During the month of “oktoberfest” don’t contribute to open source? 42:23Should you commit a certain time to spend on open source? 43:40Can I start my own open source project without experience in it? 45:31Going through the most popular licenses and what it means 50:06Talking about cyber security and open source 53:26Given that you opened a Github project, is it open source by default? 57:19Summary & Closing

Helpful resources:

  • FreeSoftwareFoundation(Fsf) – is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. Here you can learn more about open source.
  • The Linux Foundation – Where you can get trained & Certificated for open source.
  • Benjamin Gruenbaum – The guest of today’s show, you can contact him in case you are interseted in joining to one of the projects he is contributing to.
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